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If you’ve been using Pinterest for your blog or website, you’ve probably heard about Pinterest story pins.

But what in the world are they, and how do you use them? How do you create them, for that matter?

In this guide we’ll talk about what Pinterest story pins are and all the steps to create them and use them. By the time you finish this article, you’ll feel much more confident about using story pins on Pinterest to grow your following.

Pinterest Story Pins FAQ’s

Are story pins available to everyone?

Story pins are still being tested, so unfortunately they’re not available outside of the US as of early 2021.

How can I get access to story pins?

If you are in the US and you have a business account, you can request access to story pins by selecting “create” in your profile and selecting “story pins.” Pinterest will notify you once you’re good to go. It’s actually pretty simple to get started!

Are they similar to Instagram stories?

They’re similar in how they look and operate in the feed, but there are a few differences. First, you can’t record live on Pinterest stories, and second, you are limited in the type of description that’s available to you.

Can you add links to story pins?

Right now, no, you can’t add any links to your pins. Don’t be discouraged, though! Pinterest story pins are a prime opportunity to use a subtle (and highly effective) Pinterest strategy.

How do I add videos to my story pins?

You simply upload your videos from your device, just like you do your regular pin graphics. Voila!

Are story pins for bloggers?

In complete transparency, story pins appear to be designed for inspirational tips and tutorials. So, food blogs, fashion and DIY-ers, this is your big moment! But those of us in other niches like finance, blogging, marketing, and business still have some serious opportunity with story pins.

Keep reading to get my secret trick that helped my brand-new Pinterest account get twenty times more monthly views in a matter of a couple days!

What Are Pinterest Story Pins?

Pinterest story pins are a collection of grouped pins that play in succession, like Instagram stories.

You can use up to 20 graphics in each grouping, giving you a lot of options for your content.

Story pins show in the Pinterest search feed. You can also see any story pins in your home feed created by people you follow.

Why Were Story Pins Designed?

Pinterest is a search and discovery engine, and its heartbeat is inspiration. Story pins are another way to share inspiring content in a new and interesting way.

Story pins were designed to do just what their name implies—to tell stories and share creativity with viewers.

Pinterest created the story pin feature with the purpose to share pieces of valuable content and inspiration in a fun way.

The main idea is to share recipes, how-to’s, tutorials, and other instructional content using Pinterest story pins.

Interestingly enough, Pinterest does not allow publishers to use links on their stories. The only way a viewer can “click” is to hit the “details” button at the top of the story, and from there go to the publisher’s Pinterest profile.

This has caused a controversial opinion about the effectiveness of Pinterest story pins since direct conversion is not an option.

However, bloggers, heads up! In this post, I’m going to show you how to use Pinterest story pins to their fullest potential and get some indirect blog traffic, as well as grow your Pinterest following quickly.

How Do Story Pins Work for Bloggers?

If you view the idea of a story pin “working” by the ability to get direct clicks to your website, then no, Pinterest story pins probably aren’t the best choice for you.

However, if you’re new to Pinterest or you don’t have a whole lot of monthly views on Pinterest, story pins are a special opportunity for you.

By using a story pin to its fullest potential, you can actually increase your Pinterest following in a much faster amount of time and gain far more exposure than you would have without story pins.

I’ll explain how that works in a minute.

First, you need to reprogram your thinking. When creating standard Pinterest pins, the idea of publishing those pins is to get pinners to click on them and land on your website.

To successfully use story pins, you have to think of it a little differently. Think of story pins as an opportunity to be seen by hundreds of times more Pinterest users than you’d ever get with a standard pin.

While they can’t click on your story pin and go to your website, they can follow you on Pinterest, which means they’ll see more of your pins as you create them, and that means they’ll eventually click over to your website.

By then they recognize you because of your branded pins, so they’re more likely to click.

The Story Pin Secret No One Knows Yet

Okay, now for the juicy stuff. If you’re new to Pinterest or need to increase your monthly views, this trick is about to change the game.

I recently created my Designed by Beth Pinterest account, and since Pinterest’s algorithms and best practices have changed, I knew it was going to be much harder to grow my following than it had been with my other accounts.

While you don’t have to have a lot of followers to get a lot of Pinterest traffic, followers are important to your strategy overall, and you do need them to succeed in the long run.

A way to gain followers is to look attractive to your audience on Pinterest by having an awesome profile page, and by having an impressive number of monthly Pinterest views.

Monthly Pinterest views aren’t an accurate depiction of your blog traffic, but for some reason they carry a lot of weight to other Pinterest users.

How I Skyrocketed my Monthly Pinterest Views with Story Pins

Here’s what I did: I published a high-quality story pin during peak pinning hours.

That’s it.

To test my theory, I did it again a couple days later. Again, my monthly Pinterest views went from 10,000 to 19,000 in less than 2 days.

You can see in the screenshots below that each time I published a story pin, my monthly Pinterest views skyrocketed in a matter of 24-48 hours.

What my story pins did accomplish was getting my brand in front of thousands of pinners in a matter of a few minutes. You can see the stats of one of my story pins and how many impressions it got in 5 minutes.

It also increase my monthly Pinterest views rapidly, which is attractive to other pinners and helps increase your followers a little more quickly.

Want to try it for yourself? I’ll show you all the steps to create your own story pins so you can get your own results.

How to Create Pinterest Story Pins

There are a lot of different ways to design and create story pins, so I’m going to share what I did. You can customize this method to your own style so you can see the best results.

Keep in mind that you can’t “go live” on story pins. Pinterest story pins are specifically designed for uploading helpful content.

First, I outlined what I wanted my story pins to be about. I treated my story pins as mini blog posts, sort of like the concept of microblogging on Instagram—without the ultra-long description.

Next, I made sure my topic was researched and fit well with my niche. I also planned keywords so that I would reach the right audience.

Then I designed my pins using Canva. I created regular pins just like I normally would with standard pins, only I created them in sets with a list of instructions. I also created the in Pinterest story size.

You can do this with video, too. If you have a food blog or a lifestyle blog, you can create your story pins with video tutorials as well. Just keep in mind that there are some extra things you need to know about video pins.

How to Upload Your Story Pins

At the top left corner of your Pinterest profile, select “create story pin.” You’ll then be taken to the publishing page, which looks very similar to where you publish regular pins.

From there you can upload up to 20 images or videos. You can edit the placement of each graphic on the template.

Keep in mind that the Pinterest story pin size is a little different than standard Pinterest pins. To have your story pin fit perfectly on the canvas, it should be 1080 x 1920 pixels, per Pinterest’s recommendation.

You can add text to your story pins as well as a color background. I found that creating pins with the text designed on the pin itself worked amazing, and I didn’t even need to add extra text on the story pin.

Once you’ve uploaded all your pins or videos for your story, you can edit the description. You have the option of selecting one of three styles: recipe, crafts DIY, or blank list.

Because my niche is blogging and Pinterest design, I have always used the “blank list” theme, which automatically puts my description in a list format.

How to Write Ranking Story Pin Descriptions

Story pin descriptions are different than standard pins. You must choose from the three themes I mentioned.

Once you do, your content will be formatted according to that theme. You won’t have the opportunity to write out a 500-word paragraph like a standard pin.

Rethink your description so you can put it in list format (if you aren’t using the recipe or craft theme).

You still need to use keywords, so make sure you insert them in your list. Here is an example of my list description for one of my story pins:

How to Publish Story Pins

Once you’ve created a description, you can publish your story pin. You need to choose a relevant board, just like a standard pin.

The board to which you publish your story pin is critical to its success.

Don’t forget to brand your story pins!

Even though pinners can’t click on the pin and be taken to your website, this is still a prime opportunity to get your brand in front of more eyes to increase your recognizability.

Once you’ve branded your pin and you’re ready to publish, make sure you’re choosing to publish during peak pinning hours to get the best results.

You’ll need to test this because peak pinning hours vary niche to niche. For me, I discovered my best pinning hours were between 2 pm and 5 pm (PST).

My stories took off when I pinned around 2:20-2:30.

You’ll have to try your own and see what works best for you.

Test Your Pins

As bloggers we can be very hard on ourselves, and when something doesn’t work immediately, we scrap it entirely.

Don’t do that to your story pins. If your first initial stories don’t take off, keep trying new pins with different styles and pin at different times.

You will eventually hit gold, and you’ll be able to use this story pin hack to grow your Pinterest viewers rapidly.

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