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As a serious blogger, it’s more than just writing for enjoyment. You’ve started a business and you want to make money blogging, right?

What if there was a way you could create blog posts that actually make sales for you? So let’s turn your blog into a fulltime career by learning how to write blog posts that sell like crazy.

There are a few telltale signs that your post is going really well when you’re writing it. We’ll talk about those, and I’m also going to give you some powerful tools to make your posts into branches of income for your blog using effective content.

How to Write Blog Posts Well

Before you can even think about trying to make money from your blog posts, you need to make sure you know how to write blog posts well.

Is your content powerful and well put together?

Here are a few ways to see if your blog post is ready:

  • Your post topic fits perfectly within your blog’s niche
  • The post is fluid and easy to follow from start to finish
  • Your work is edited and clean—no silly mistakes or discrediting errors
  • You took time to outline and research your content
  • There is no question about your audience—you know exactly to whom you’re writing and it’s clear to the reader
  • You’ve researched your keywords and the topic

It’s important that your content is complete and ready to work for you before you start priming it to get those conversions and sales.

In my post about writing blog posts that look amazing, I go into detail about creating content that has visual appeal. Learn more about that here.

Why Do You Need to Know How to Write Blog Posts Well First?

It doesn’t matter how you plan to monetize your blog. Whichever method you use to make money blogging requires some form of content.

That means no matter what you do, you need to write blog posts. This is kind of obvious, am I right?

It needs to be said, though, because a lot of bloggers advertise how to make money “without writing content” or “with no blog traffic.”

Both of those are false claims, but we’re focusing on the content part right now.

Here’s what powerful, impacting blog content does for you:

  • Connects with your readers’ emotions, heightening their sense that you understand their problem and want to help them resolve it
  • Raises your credibility so that your readers trust you
  • Easily conveys solutions to your readers’ problems, massively increasing their agreement to opt in or sign up to your offer
  • Makes you relatable to your audience, building connection and increasing engagement

There’s no question, right? You need to know how to write blog posts well. Trying to increase your signups or opt-ins without those elements is like running an uphill battle through the mud in a rainstorm.

The amazing part is that knowing how to write blog posts well automatically sets you up for blog posts that sell.

Let’s talk about how to do that.

How to Write Blog Posts that Sell

There are four main components to writing a blog post that sells:

  • Solutions
  • Strong, emotional content
  • Branded posts
  • Easy sign-up options

You can apply these four elements to your sales funnels and lead magnets for better results, too.

Provide A Solution

Whether you’re an affiliate marketer or offer your own products, this one is a no-brainer.

Your blog post should be focused on helping a reader solve a problem, and the solution is by using your recommended product.

If you sell a workout guide, the best way to reach those buyers is to understand what they’re looking for, so do your research and make your content become their solution.

Create content that explains how your workout guide is exactly what they need in an easy, willing-to-help voice.

Affiliate marketers might ask, “okay, so how do create content like this for my affiliate links?”

It’s not much different. Create strong blog posts that explain how your recommended product helped you. Keep it personal and honest, and why your reader should also use it.

You’re offering them a solution to a problem, so when they buy it or sign up, it’s a win-win.

Write Blog Posts with Strong, Emotional Content

Weak, puny posts will do nothing for you. Did you whip your post up in 20 minutes and throw in some links?

That method isn’t going to work for you. Creating a powerful, converting blog post takes time.

Nothing triggers a facepalm for me like seeing bloggers advertise how to “speed write” blog posts or some such thing. That doesn’t work for people.

It’s not a good experience for the reader. It’s also a frustrating experience for the blogger who’s hustling so hard to succeed.

Take time to write strong, powerful blog posts that come from an honest place. Be genuine and take time to write content that really offers your reader something valuable.

Cut out the fluff.

Fluffy posts full of cutesy rhetoric and clever phrases that don’t really say anything leave a sense of emptiness and confusion with your readers.

It’s also disingenuous.

How many times have you read something and thought to yourself, “this is useless” and then searched elsewhere for what you need?

Keep that in mind when creating your own content. Make good on the help and support you promised.

Combine your substantial, helpful content with power words and converting phrasing.

Avoid spammy-sounding hype. Don’t make huge, unrealistic promises or claims. Keep it real but use powerful words when doing so.

Here are some examples of power words:

  • Amazing
  • Simple
  • The Secret to
  • __ Easy Steps
  • Successful
  • Powerful

Use these eye-catching words in your headings, titles, and in place of weak statements in the body of your post.

For more help creating strong blog content, take this blog writer’s online course. It’s helped a lot of amazing people with their writing skills, and it will help you, too!

Branded Posts

It’s important that you learn how to create branded blog posts.

How in the world do you that?

Branding is essentially giving your blog or business a physical identity that becomes recognizable to your audience.

How can you give your blog posts a physical identity?

Make sure your links, colors, fonts, and graphics are all consistent with your blog’s aesthetic.

You want a loyal reader to recognize your post immediately. It’s not just about content. It’s about the way it looks, too.

Keep your post and website design consistent.

Each post should be powerful and make money on your blog, but you also need your blog to work beautifully as a whole.

Use links to interlink your content together so the reader has a clear path to follow.

Think of your blog as your business and give it clear identity.

Use a theme or website builder that allows you to totally customize your colors, implement your brand logos and fonts, and give your entire blog a cohesive, well branded design.

Easy Sign-Up Options

A key factor to successful blog posts is giving your audience the ability to easily sign up or opt-in.

This is massively important for getting more email subscribers or sign-ups for your product.

You’ll undo all your hard work in a matter of seconds if you bring your reader to the point of the sale, only to force them to have to input too much information or redirect several times.

Keep your opt-ins simple by using the least amount of input requirements. Use a “name” input that gives people the option to only use their first name, or don’t require their name at all.

Optimize your cart and checkout pages for easy, fluid transactions that make your customers comfortable.

Go look at how your cart and checkout pages looks from the reader’s perspective–especially on a mobile device.

Affiliate Link Placement

If you’re monetizing as an affiliate marketer, pay attention to how and where your links are used.

Don’t inundate your reader with links. Strategically place your affiliate links in places where your reader naturally understands what the link is and would be emotionally ready to click on it.

I’ve noticed that my most successful links on my Mama Fearless blog are the simple text links that describe my personal experience. They’re usually just 1-3 words long and placed in a body of text. It’s simple but highly effective.

Strategic Popups and Sign-Up Forms

Popups can be a powerful tool to increase your email list or get more sign-ups. They can also be highly destructive and drive people away.

The key is using it correctly. Pay attention to exactly when that form shows up on your reader’s screen.

Flashing a popup 2 seconds after they land on your site is not the best option—your reader hasn’t even gotten to look at your content yet! They may not even know who you are and need time to trust you.

Offer something worthwhile. A freebie is going to bring you exponentially more signups than an annoying popup that just says, “subscribe here.”

Focus on One Area at A Time

It’s easy to get blogger burnout when you start seeing all these areas where you can improve and try to fix them all at once.

Take it easy! Focus on improving one blog post at a time. Take each post and refresh, update and optimize it.

Schedule times specifically for rewriting and updating to keep balance.

Use Pinterest

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