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How to Write A Blog Post That Looks Amazing

How to Write A Blog Post That Looks Amazing

Hey, blogger! Do you want more website traffic? Maybe you have a good amount of traffic already, but you can’t get anyone to sign up or opt in. It’s probably because your content needs work. I’m going to show you how to write a blog post that looks amazing.

You might be an amazing writer. Maybe you’re not an amazing writer and it takes you a long time to publish your blog posts.

I understand why it’s frustrating to put all that hard work into a blog post, only to find that people don’t take the time to read it.

Do you need help writing blog content? Are you posts weak and ineffective?

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A guide to writing blog posts that look amazing.

How to Write A Blog Post and What to Expect

Before we take off on all these amazing tips about how to write an amazing blog post, you need to go into this with realistic expectations.

We live in an age where everything we’d ever want to know (and more) is seconds away, at the click of a search. Because we’re used to getting whatever knowledge we want in a matter of seconds, we aren’t really all that patient anymore.

Let’s be honest—you already scanned over the first part of this post, didn’t you? Very few readers will actually read this entire blog post, word for word.

If I take much longer getting to those awesome tips, you’re going to either scroll past this, or you’re going lose interest and move on.

Did I call it?

That’s because we’re all conditioned to take in information this way nowadays. We’re mighty spoiled, because we know if we don’t like the delivery of one blog post, we know we can just go somewhere else to find it.

Tips on How to Write A Blog Post That Looks Amazing

Now knowing that dismally honest piece of information, let’s look at some tips to keep readers on your blog post, increasing your click-rate and conversions.

How to write blog posts that look amazing

1: How To Write A Blog Post with IMPACT

We’re way beyond the days of haphazardly spitting out rapid-fire content. If you’re “speed-writing” your blog posts, well… that’s probably your number one reason why your bounce rate is high.

We might be an impatient lot anymore, but that doesn’t mean we still don’t want good content presented in a unique, enlightening way.

Whether you’re an incredible writer or mediocre at best, every blogger just needs to slow down.

Here’s what you need to do to create an excellently written blog post:

  1. Create an outline of your topic, post length, and keyword research (this is just the start. There’s a lot more you could outline).
  2. Take your time writing and pause frequently to go back and reread your content. If you got bored reading your own stuff, then others most certainly will, too.
  3. Edit, edit, EDIT. Then edit again. Do not publish sloppy content full of errors and misspellings. No one will ever take you seriously if you’re lazy about your writing skills.
  4. Keep your writing personal and engaging. Don’t become this distant, Wizard-of-Oz-voice that drones on without getting personal. People want to connect!
  5. Write what you know and write it well. Don’t try to dupe your readers into thinking you’re an expert on a topic you don’t know well. It will backfire in no time. If you’re blog topic is over your head, scale it back a bit to your amount of knowledge so you can write confidently. Trust me, it translates.

2: Avoid Too Many Blocks of Text

Since I’m not the normal person and love to read anything and everything (I’m that one blog visitor that actually read your entire post), I had fun testing this one out on my own mother.

I created a 1200ish-word blog post and showed it to my mom to read. I watched her register that it was all text, and within seconds she started scrolling.

There was no break! It was block after block of text. I don’t think she made it past the first paragraph.

A few days later, I shared a post with her that was broken up into much smaller paragraphs and contained alleviating features such as images, bullets, color backgrounds and varying font sizes.

Guess what? She read it!

It was a fun experiment, but it showed me something interesting.

Remember what I said about people scanning your content? It’s overwhelming for most people to try to focus through unrelenting amounts of text when it comes to blog posts.

Break your page up and make it easier to read at a glance.

3: Incorporate Your Pin Graphics

If you’re wondering how to write a blog post that looks amazing, it’s more than just the content, right? It’s about the appearance of the blog post.

That’s where your pin graphics that you’ve worked so hard to create can work double-time for you.

Incorporate some of your best looking, highest performing Pinterest pin into your blog post. You can even get more benefit by leaving a fun note asking your readers to re-pin it for you.

Not only does it add some beautiful graphics to your blog post, it also helps you expand your reach.

You can read about the basics of creating and publishing a Pinterest pin here.

Do you need more high-powered, show-stopping Pinterest pins? Check out my pin design services.

4: Harness the Power of White Space

White space is essentially background or screen space. Content most often performs better when on a white background.

Don’t give your blog readers sensory overload by putting your content on a bright yellow or orange background. Any sort of color covering an entire page can overwhelming after awhile.

Instead, focus your design efforts on your creative elements. Use fun and engaging photos—even memes and giphys are fun for readers. Use color backgrounds on certain blocks like lists, bullets, or quotes.

5: Use Video in Your Blog Posts

If you have a lengthy bit of content to share, put it in video format and embed it in your post.

A lot of readers prefer video to text, so you’ll be retaining a larger amount of your visitors by appealing to both types.

This is also a good way for your readers to get to know you, to see you and connect with you. If you offer coaching or guidance services, this is an excellent way to reach more clients.

6: Let Your Readers See You

One of the most powerful keys to understanding how to create a blog post that stands out is by being present for your readers.

That means letting them see you! I know, I know, I just felt all you introverts cringe over your screens. But, honestly? In order to build up a loyal following that trusts you and wants to read your content and opt-in, you need to connect.

It’s hard for an audience to trust a random blog post (or blog) without any sort of identity. While you might have readers, the conversions won’t be there.

If you want to truly grow this thing, to stand out and start gaining some serious momentum in your traffic and engagements, you need to be the first to start engaging.

Put your photo in an easy-to-spot place on your blog. Tell your readers who you are and a little about yourself. Give them the opportunity to follow you on other platforms, or reach out and connect with you.

That’s the start of growing not only a powerful blog post, but a successful business.

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