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How to Create Pinterest Video Pins

How to Create Pinterest Video Pins (2)

If you’re a blogger or creator looking to expand your reach and increase your blog traffic, Pinterest video pins are the way to go! I’m going to show you how to create Pinterest video pins for the win.

Guide to creating and publishing Pinterest Video Pins

How Do Pinterest Video Pins Work?

Pinterest video pins are very similar to classic Pinterest pins, except instead of a simple graphic, it’s a video… surprise, surprise!

When a Pinterest user types a question into the search bar, Pinterest shows them graphic results and the user can scroll until they find something to pin (or better, click!).

When a pinner scrolls over a Pinterest video in their feed, it automatically starts playing for them.

If you’d like extra tips on creating a regular Pinterest pin as a beginner, get them here.

Why Are Pinterest Videos Such A Great Idea?

There are two main reasons why Pinterest video pins are a hot opportunity right now.

First, there aren’t a ton of video pins (yet) out there, so there is less competition getting your video seen.

If you’re a blogging beginner and you need to quickly increase your website traffic, a video pin is a creative and smart way to do it.

You have a much better chance of getting more exposure on Pinterest with a video than you do with a pin since there are far less video pins out there.

Second, because video pins automatically start playing when entering a Pinterest user’s view, they instantly become a moving graphic among a bunch of static pins.

That instantly makes your content stand apart, steals the attention, and raises your chances of winning the golden click.

Remember, of all types of engagements (impressions, closeups, comments, saves and clicks), clicks are the results you’re after.

How to Create and Publish Pinterest Video Pins

First, you need to create your video. You can either use video footage you record yourself, or you can use stock footage.

There are several different places where you can find free stock video footage (like Coverr) to create beautiful and impacting videos related to your content.

Make sure you follow your website of choice’s rules of attribution and credit.

Get creative! It doesn’t have to be one shot of you talking. Use multiple scenes and shots!

Keep reading for more tips on creating a successful Pinterest video pins.

Edit Your Videos

No matter if you’re using stock footage or your own, you need to edit your videos well. A well-created video is going to perform and rank better.

Just like a Pinterest pin, your video is shown to a smaller audience first to test engagement, and then Pinterest offers it into the smart feed based on its success.

Take your time editing your videos and do a good job. You’re representing your brand, after all.

I like to use video editing software like Wave Video.

It reminds me of Canva in its easy-to-use tools and all the extra features it offers. It’s super simple to use (which video editing dummies like me need) and makes it easy to create beautiful videos with transitions, motions, and different types of footage.

They even offer stock video and beautiful audio, as well as the ability to easily brand your videos.

Wave offers a free version, but just like I say about Canva, if you plan to use it regularly, the paid version offers you so much more and is totally worth the investment.

As a blogger or online creator, your content is the heart and soul of what you do. Choosing to invest in things that help you with your content creation isn’t a bad idea.

How to Publish Your Pinterest Video

Once you’ve created a video for Pinterest, you can basically just upload it like you would a regular pin.

Create A Pin on Pinterest
  1. Go to the top left corner of your Pinterest account and select “create”
  2. Upload your video content by clicking on the center of pin template
  3. Add a pin title and description
  4. Include your destination link
  5. Publish to a relevant board
How to Create Pinterest Video Pins

It’s that simple!

Add Tags to Your Video Pin

Tag your products by selecting the tag icon on the left of the video pin.

You can also add tags to your pin description to help Pinterest understand your video pin.

Pinterest already has a database of tags and will autosuggest matching tags. If your specific tag doesn’t show up, try using another tag that reaches the same audience.

For instance, Pinterest doesn’t have a tag named “increase blog traffic,” but they do have a tag for “blogging tips,” which applies to the same audience.

How to Create Pinterest Video Pins

Creative Tips for Pinterest Video Pins

Here are a few key things to remember when designing your video pins.

First, make sure your video pin is the right size. You can use the same pin size as you would for a simple pin graphic, but you have more options with video pins.

Square videos are actually performing well on Pinterest, so test out a few different sizes to see what sizes get you the most engagement.

My discovery with Pinterest video pins is that vertical video pins still perform best, but if the video is too big it gets truncated and doesn’t perform as well.

Overall, though, I’ve seen much more immediate engagement with my video pins than I have with static pins.

Create Pins That Don’t Require Audio

Most people use Pinterest on their phone, and most of the time their sound is off. If your video requires audio to be on to understand the pin, you’ll undermine all your hard work.

Use audio for sure! Not everyone keeps their sound off and it’s a highly impacting detail. But make your video pin where it makes sense whether or not the audio is heard.

Use text captions for your important content and focus on adding visual detail so your pin has context.

Grab Attention Immediately

When someone is on Pinterest, they’re scrolling, and they’re scrolling pretty fast. You have the advantage with the movement of a video pin, but that’s still a less-than-a-second advantage.

Make the first few seconds of your video as visually captivating as possible to get that amazing “scroll pause.”

Use creative techniques like a flash, or an eye-catching entrance to your content to stop the shop and win that golden click.

Here is an example of a video pin I created.

Key Features to Keep In Mind

Here are some things I specifically included to created a high-performing video pin:

  • Bright, eye-catching colors
  • A flashy, scroll-stopping design in the first scene
  • Moving captions that keep attention
  • Impacting words and phrasing
  • Catchy music for extra impact
  • Click-to-action

PS: If you’re interested in taking the course mentioned in the video, check it out here.

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