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How to Create Canva Templates for Pinterest

One of the best ways to create and publish Pinterest pins quickly and efficiently is to learn how to create Canva templates for Pinterest.

By creating templates, all you need to do is change the images and text of each pin for fresh content—that means you can make fresh, ranking pins in a matter of minutes!

In this complete guide, I’m going to show you how to create Canva templates for Pinterest, step by step, so even as a beginning blogger or creator you’ll be creating Pinterest templates and publishing epic Pins in no time!

Why Should You Know How to Create Canva Templates for Pinterest?

If you want to increase your website traffic and conversions with Pinterest (and you absolutely should), you should be creating and publishing fresh Pinterest pins consistently.

Pinterest has announced that they favor fresh content very strongly now and the algorithms are getting pickier. That means that without fresh content, it’s going to be much more difficult to rank on Pinterest.

You can find out more about what Pinterest prefers for pin in their best practices.

You won’t be able to use the outdated techniques of pinning pins to a million boards repeatedly to force your rank anymore.

Unless you want someone to professionally design your Pinterest pins for you, you need templates to create pins with any amount of efficiency to be successful on Pinterest.

Why Use Canva for Pinterest Pin Templates?

You don’t have to use Canva. You can use any design software out there. But if you’re a beginning blogger or even an experienced one but you don’t have a design background, creating Pinterest pins and templates can quickly become overwhelming.

The Canva app is easy to use and beginner-friendly so you don’t have to waste precious time trying to unravel depths of complicated design tools.

Basically, anyone can login to Canva and just start creating.

Canva has made it easy for you to create your templates. They have a “Pinterest Pin” template you can use to customize ready-made designs or build your own pin from scratch.

Canva’s Pinterest pin templates are already in the recommended size according to Pinterest’s best practices (1000 x 1500 pixels), which means you don’t have to worry about customizing the size of your pin for Pinterest, unless you want to.

What Are Pinterest Pin Templates?

Templates are basically a set design that you can customize for each pin. Pinterest pin templates are similar to a pattern for sewing, or a stencil for drawing.

By learning how to create Canva templates for Pinterest, you are setting up “stencils” of pins where you can simply add photos and text and have fresh pins created in a matter of minutes.

Let’s Look at How to Create Canva Templates for Pinterest

You can create as many Pinterest templates as you want, but if you’re learning, I’d recommend that you start with 5 pin templates that you can use for each blog post. Once you get the hang of it you can create more.

First, you need a Canva account. It’s totally free to sign up and they have a lot of amazing features on their free plan. If you know you’re going to use Canva long-term it’s totally worth it to upgrade to the premium version, but you can create amazing looking pins without upgrading.

You’ll need to login to Canva. From there, you’ll end up on the Canva homepage.

Select the “Create A Design” button in the top right corner. Select the “Pinterest pin” template.

You’ll be taken to a blank white canvas where you can create your first Pinterest pin template.

Homepage of Canva for creating Pinterest Pin templates

You can use templates Canva has already made for you but I don’t recommend this. It’s always better for ranking to create original, branded content.

I’m going to show you some basics to create a template which you can customize to your own style and brand.

You can also use this exact template for your own pins, so consider this a cool freebie!

Have Your Brand Colors and Fonts Ready to Add to Your Pinterest Pin Templates

If you have the pro version of Canva you’ll be able to create a brand kit with your website colors and fonts.

The free version of the Canva app does not allow you to create a brand kit, so if you’re using the free version, have your color codes on a separate tab so you can copy and paste them to your templates.

I can’t promise your brand fonts will be available in the free version, either, but you can use fonts that are close and keep it consistent across your pins.

Use Canva Frames and Grids for Photo Placement on Your Pin Templates

Study your pin design and where you want to place your photos. You can create templates that have one photo or a few, depending on your content.

Select the “grids” elements in the left sidebar. The images with the scene in the background mean you can populate those shapes with any image or shape of your choice.

I recommend when learning how to create Canva templates for Pinterest pins that you keep things simple. Don’t try to get too fancy with the shapes and elements.

Remember, you have less than a second to stop the scroll in Pinterest feed. That means you need to showcase your content and catch the eye immediately. A busy pin might get overlooked.

Here are some ways you can position your photo grids for Pinterest Pin templates.

Canva templates for Pinterest using grids and frames

Create Backgrounds for Headings and Subheadings

Backgrounds for text make it easy to customize your background and font colors.

You can always add text directly to your template, but it limits your options for customizing the colors behind the text (you’ll have to edit the entire background of the canvas instead of the area behind the text).

To create a background, select a desired shape from the “shapes” selection in elements. Stretch the shape across your canvas until you’re happy with the design.

Here are some examples of background for text, combined with frames for photos:

Canva templates for Pinterest using grids and text over backgrounds

How to Create Different Canva Templates for Pinterest

My suggestion for your first Pinterest pin template is to keep things simple. Simple pins can perform really, really well when using the right colors, contrasts, phrasing and photos.

Once you have that first template created, you can simple select “add page” right above your canvas to create another Canva template.

From there you can create different types of templates using grids and frames.

Switch it up. Try placing your fonts in different areas of your pin. Change your background colors (stick to your brand colors) and your font colors.

Canva templates for Pinterest with different layouts

Add simple borders around your text or photos. Be very careful not to get too busy. An overstuffed pin might rank but won’t get clicks.

Try creating around 5 templates that you can easily customize, so you can publish several new pins for each blog post.

Recreate Fresh Pinterest Pins

When you want to reuse your template, select each section you want to edit and customize it for your new pin.

Changing the text is easiest—just highlight the next and type in your new heading.

Canva templates for Pinterest pins using fresh text and fresh images.

To replace the photos you previously used on your Canva template, highlight that element. Select “delete photo” at the top right corner of your Canva page.

The photo will disappear, and you’ll see the original grid template (the grass and sky scene). Now you can populate that grid with your new photo.

Ideas for Fresh Templates

Knowing how to create Canva templates for Pinterest is helpful from a technical standpoint.

Where creating Pinterest pin templates gets tricky is coming up with effecting, high-performing designs. If you aren’t a naturally creative person with an eye for visual impact, this can get frustrating.

I’m going to share a few simple design strategies with you to inspire you to create those pin templates.

Here are some extremely simple ways to add variety to your pins:

Invert your fonts. Switch from a light background with dark text to a dark background with light text.

Canva Pinterest pin templates using inverted text

Create a text overlay template. Stretch one photo across the entire canvas. Lighten the photo so it becomes a faint background. Place text over the image.

using text overlay with one image

Use different text alignments. Place your text in the center of your pin template, then try switching it to one side on another template.

Add a thin border to different elements.

 Text overlay with one image and different alignment

Download and Publish Your Canva Templates

Once you’ve customized your Canva templates and create Pinterest pins, you can download your designs and publish them to Pinterest.

Make sure you’ve downloaded your images as PNG files.

You can download them one at a time by selecting each template in the download option, or you can download them all at once in a zip file.

Keep in mind that if you download them in a zip file, you’ll need to extract them before publishing to Pinterest.

Don’t forget to save your templates. Name your Canva project with your templates so you can easily access and customize them.

Brand Your Pins

Don’t forget to “name” your pins by putting your website or logo on it.

One of the key factors to a successful Pinterest strategy is learning how to create branded pins.

You can apply this idea to your templates as well so your Pinterest audience recognizes you, which increases those pin click.

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