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Fewer things are worse as a blogger or content creator than working hard to increase your website traffic using Pinterest but seeing no results. One of the biggest reasons this may be happening is because you haven’t learned how to create branded Pinterest pins.

What Is A Branded Pinterest Pin?

Branded pins are basically recognizable Pinterest pins that easily relate your content to your website.

The goal in learning how to create branded Pinterest pins is having your audience scroll through Pinterest and automatically recognize your pin at a glance.

That is incredibly powerful. You’re basically raising your brand awareness for free. If that same user finds you in the Google search results and recognizes your logo, that’s two connections.

What you’re doing is building trust between you and that person. By the time they land on your page, they already feel like they know you.

Here are 3 examples of branded Pinterest pins I’ve created. You can see the recognizability an fluid aesthetics.

Why Do I Need to Know How to Create Branded Pinterest Pins?

We just discovered how a person seeing your brand is a connection and seeing it more than one time builds trust.

What if you could accomplish this in the same place? I’m talking about Pinterest.

Imagine someone on Pinterest typing something into the search results related to your niche, and your pin is one of the first to pop up.

They may not click that first pin, but as they scroll, they see another pin that looks familiar. It’s another one of your beautiful, branded pins. Now they recognize your aesthetic and there’s a sense of familiarity. So, they click.

You’ve won the golden click!

What’s even better is that you didn’t have to spend a dime on Facebook Ads, Google Ads, or any other kind of advertising campaign to get it.

Did You Know?

Your pins can also rank on Google and show up in the Google search results. This is a little discussed topic when it comes to increasing your website traffic.

It can be extremely hard to rank on the first page of Google for a keyword in a competitive niche. Instead, your pin can rank in the search. It can also rank in Google Images.

Any of those clicks are going to take that person to your content… which is still winning the golden click!

Learning how to create branded Pinterest pins is a powerful tool when used properly!

How to Create Branded Pinterest Pins

I’m going to break down a few key elements to creating branded Pinterest pins. Remember—your ultimate goal is maintaining a level of consistency in aesthetic and style, so that your brand is easily recognized.

1: Keep Your Styling Consistent

I’ve helped clients with their Pinterest pins while their brand was essentially non-existent.

The response I’ve commonly received after asking them to send me their brand info is, “I don’t really have a brand yet. I’m not sure where to go with it.”

It’s common for me to find on their Pinterest profile that their pins are all over the map. There is no relation from one pin to another and absolutely no form of consistency.

If this is you too, it’s okay! This is a common problem because it’s hard to just come up with a beautiful brand aesthetic if that’s not your thing.

You need to establish your website’s identity ASAP. Don’t continue creating pins and hoping you’ll finally stumble on that one design that brings you massive website traffic.

You need to figure out your brand’s style and then apply it to your Pinterest pins for an overall consistent look.

Your pins don’t have to look like cookie cutter pins (in fact, they shouldn’t), but once you have a sense of direction with your brand’s design it is much easier to create different versions of your branded pins.

Here are 3 different templates that still carry branded elements on 3 pins I created for a client.

If you’d like to have branded pins created for you, take a peek at my Pinterest pin design services.

2: Use Your Brand Colors and Fonts

When learning how to create branded Pins, mostly stick with your brand colors and fonts.

I say “mostly” because it’s always good to explore with new styles and graphic arrangements since Pinterest is a vast platform. If you’re solely trying to increase website traffic, it’s good to experiment with different styles.

But if you’re trying to increase brand awareness for the long haul, those branded pins are what will bring you longevity.

I like to create at least 5 different styles for each pin to give me variety. However, all 5+ of those templates have my brand colors and fonts on them in some form or another.

It’s important to find the fine balance between experimenting and raising awareness.

3: Stay Consistent with Graphics

I’ve seen this a lot—bloggers create pins with every sort of graphic in every sort of style. I understand that they’re searching for what works using what free resources that have, but in the meantime, their website and their Pinterest profiles are a hot mess.

Everything doesn’t have to be a picture of polished perfection, but there needs to be some thread of recognizability throughout your pin designs.

Look at your Pinterest cover photo, your board covers, and your actual pins. Can you see some form of consistency and appeal, or is everything all over the place?

Don’t use any and every stock photo available. Use only what truly matches your aesthetic. There are so many different places to find stock photos, so take your time and keep searching until you find the right photo for your pin.

You can see in these 3 pins I created for a client that I’ve incorporated matching images in different ways. It’s easy to use similar stock images for the same effect.

4: Add Your Logo

Naked pins are not a good idea for bloggers. Not only do they undermine your hard work to get your brand remembered, they’re also prime pins to get stolen and reused.

Having a logo on your pin doesn’t 100% guarantee it still won’t get stolen, but it makes it harder to steal.

Aside from that, not adding your logo or website to your pin is like creating a beautiful painting but not signing it.

Sure, the actual graphic will be appreciated, but you aren’t quite getting all the credit.

Even though your Pinterest account and website info is below the actual pin, the first impression of your brand is on the pin itself.

Use that to your advantage and brand that pin.

5: Type Your Name in the Pin Description

Another secret when it comes to mastering how to create branded Pinterest pins is actually typing your blog’s name in the first few lines of the pin description.

While your account information is visible when a person clicks on your pin, typing it into the description wins you points on Pinterest’s algorithm.

It’s a small but mighty secret that is nicely effective in helping your pin rank, too!

 Need More Help Learning How to Create Pinterest Pins?

If you’re pretty new to Pinterest and need some help learning the basics of creating and publishing Pinterest pins, you can get some help here.

I talk about the basics of pin design and walk you through the steps of publishing your pins.

Examine Your Pinterest Profile

Go back and look over your entire Pinterest profile with new eyes. On your profile, take a look at all your created pins.

Do your eyes flow over the graphics or does everything appear jarring and disjointed?

If things don’t look consistent and branded to you, that’s okay! Now you have the tools to identify the problem areas. You can start creating branded Pinterest pins like a pro!

Are you too busy to create your own Pinterest pins? Would you rather have someone design stunning pins for you? Take a look at my Pinterest pin design services.

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