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Ready for some viral pin traffic? Of course! Watching a Pinterest pin go viral is one of the most amazing experiences—especially if you’re still a new blogger! Let’s talk about how to create a viral Pinterest pin on Canva.

Why Do I Need to Know How to Create A Viral Pinterest Pin on Canva?

Well, in short, you don’t. You can create a Pinterest pin that goes viral on just about any app you’d like.

So why Canva? Why does everyone talk about it?

It’s because Canva is one of the simplest to use. If you don’t have a web design background, Canva is one of the easiest apps to quickly create Pinterest pins.

Canva also offers you a lot of features, even on their free version, that help you create beautiful content. It’s not just about Pinterest pins. You can design anything on Canva.

Canva has thousands of templates so you can create content for any social platform or any need you have.

Their paid version also allows you to create a brand kit, which cuts off so much extra time when creating branded Pinterest pins.

Creating branded Pinterest pins is extremely important, so you should probably read more about that here for some extra tips.

How to Create A Viral Pinterest Pin on Canva

Pin Size

According to Pinterest’s best practices, pins should be 2:3 ratio with recommended aspect being 1000 x 1500 pixels.

You can also experiment carefully with slightly more elongated posts but avoid “giraffe” posts as Pinterest calls them—extremely long, feed-stealing posts with mostly text overlay.

If you’re new to creating Pinterest pins, stick to the recommended size to avoid undermining your hard work. Once you’ve grown your following and have some wiggle room you can experiment with different pin sizes.

Canva already has set templates with the recommended sizes. All you have to do is go up to the top right corner of the Canva home page and select “create a design.” From there, type in Pinterest pin and the perfectly sized template will pop up for you.

No hassle!

To Use Templates or Not to Use Templates?
One of the key tricks to going viral on Pinterest is creating a unique, highly valuable pin that people love and share. If you’ve used a template that pinners have seen a hundred times… well, that’s not likely going to happen.

Second, templates can be potentially harmful to your rankings. Pinterest’s algorithms read the front of your pin, including the design.

That means if you’ve used a template that has been used by a hundred other pinners, your pin will be linked to theirs—even if the content isn’t at all related.

This will confuse Pinterest’s algorithms and cause you to lose ranking power.

Now, you can use templates, but the key is to customize them considerably. That means changing colors, angle, fonts, text, photos and rearranging the template so it looks as original as possible.

After all that work, you might as well create a pin from scratch.

How to Create A Viral Pinterest Pin on Canva: Fonts

Canva offers all kinds of fonts, even in their free version, but I really want you to get what I’m about to say…

Your font choices will make or break your pin.

One of the biggest hurtles I see my clients face when designing their Pinterest pins is misusing fonts. Here are the most common font mistakes I see:

  • Wrong font choice-fonts that are hard to read, too scripty, mismatched with the blogger’s aesthetic, or just plain ugly.
  • Poor text color choice-Font choice might be an awesome one, but you can’t see it because the designer used the wrong color.
  • Wrong font size-basically the text is so small it’s useless because a scrolling viewer won’t be able to read it.
  • Poor placement-text is in a badly chosen area of the pin, either disturbing the design, out of alignment and causing visual dissatisfaction, or not visible enough.

Be extra, extra careful about choosing your fonts. Run away from overly scripty or busy fonts. If a viewer has to work hard to make out the text, the pin will fail.

How to Create A Viral Pinterest Pin on Canva: Colors

The use of color on your pin is where you can give your brand and aesthetic the opportunity to shine.

It’s also an opportunity to utterly destroy a pin. Here’s a rule of thumb:

If you’re using a dark background, use light text color, and if you’re using a light background, use dark text.

Think contrast. Your text needs to sharply contrast whatever background it’s on.

On the left-hand side of your design where all the features and options are listed, simply select “styles” and Canva will give you color and font options that work well together.

How to Create A Viral Pinterest Pin on Canva: Photos

You can use Canva’s stock images on their app or upload your own from your computer when creating Pinterest pins.

We could be here all day just talking about how to properly use photos when creating a pin graphic.

There is a lot that goes into selecting and placing photos on your pin graphics, so I’m going to share some basic tips to help you get started.

First, always select high-quality images, and don’t settle! There are a lot of places to find free stock images, so keep searching until you find what you know will work well.

Choose photos that flow with your brand’s aesthetic. There should be an understandable flow to your graphics. A good way to test this is to look across all the pins you’ve created in the “created” tab on your Pinterest account.

Is there some semblance of design and fluidity, or is everything all over the map and disjointed? It’s important to choose cohesive images when creating branded Pinterest pins to rank high.

How to Create A Viral Pinterest Pin on Canva: Elements

Elements are basically little features (shapes, stickers, frames, etc.) that Canva offers to make your design more interesting. They are awesome for giving your pins a unique flavor.

Use discretion with elements and avoid making your pins too busy. Here are some great ways to use elements:

  1. Shape background for text
  2. Shape background for numbers on listicle pins
  3. Arrows and callouts
  4. Frames for images
  5. Boxes for click-to-actions, outlines, and borders

As a beginner, avoid using too many stickers and add-ons that can clutter your pin.

Don’t Get Overwhelmed! There’s Help!

Creating pins isn’t easy for everyone. In fact, it’s downright frustrating for many. Guess what? That is okay.

Just keep learning and practicing and watch your Pinterest analytics. Create more of what you see working.

If you would rather grow your Pinterest traffic much faster, you can always have an experienced designer create your pins for you.

You can also take courses about pin design to learn what works and what doesn’t.

The cool part about this is you have options and resources. The main thing is to keep progressing and don’t give up.

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